Our Indigenous Relations

Hydro-Québec has maintained relations with Indigenous communities for many decades, but we want to take things a step further. With the goal of continuous improvement and in keeping with our commitment, Hydro-Québec has set the following objectives:

  • An increase in our Indigenous workforce
  • Better employee understanding of Indigenous realities
  • More social involvement of Hydro-Québec in Indigenous communities
  • More diversity in contracts awarded to Indigenous firms

Our operating activities and our construction and refurbishment projects often take place on land used by Indigenous peoples. To ensure good communication with Indigenous communities, we have set up a number of joint committees that address the environmental components and socioeconomic spinoffs of our projects. We also rely on a team of advisors dedicated to Indigenous relations who work in all regions of Québec and visit Indigenous communities.

Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) certification

We are proud to have obtained Silver PAR certification this year from the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business.

This certification is based on continued improvement and confirms that a company’s actions and efforts have earned it recognition as among the Canadian companies with the best Indigenous relations.

Silver level Progressive Aboriginal Relations certification from the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business.