Low-flow showerheads

WaterSense® labeled showerheads reduce water flow without sacrificing comfort. Their maximum flow is 7.6 L/min, while conventional products have a flow of 9.5 L/min. That’s at least 20% less water! WaterSense® labeling doesn’t just mean saving water. Criteria such as product quality and performance, compliance with environmental standards and user comfort are also taken into account. So you know you’ve made the right choice for yourself and for the environment.

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Faucet aerators

A WaterSense® labeled faucet aerator is an inexpensive product that instantly reduces water flow. It’s easy to install and provides a maximum flow of 5.7 L/min, in contrast to conventional products, at 8.3 L/min. You’ll use less 30% less water without changing your habits

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