Are you planning to purchase a heater to keep your pool at the perfect temperature all summer? Choose a heat pump and save up to 75% on water heating costs. A heat pump is more expensive than an electric resistance heating system but the major savings will offset the higher price.


  • Comfort: Enjoy stable, comfortable water temperatures all summer.
  • More summer fun: Make pool season last a little longer.
  • Energy efficiency: Keep your electricity consumption low.
  • Cost effectiveness: Quickly recoup the extra cost of your heat pump with a lower electricity bill.


Lower your heating costs by up to 75% as compared to an electric resistance system. It’s a cost-effective choice!

Additional savings

Use a solar pool cover when the pool isn’t in use.

Don’t forget!

  • If you have a pool heater, don’t use a timer since the circulating pump will have to work whenever the heater is on.
  • Follow manufacturer and retailer recommendations to maximize the use of your heat pump.