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Current offers

Residential dual energy

If you need to replace your existing heating system or upgrade some of its components, dual energy, combined with Rate DT, is a cost-effective option. Rate DT is lower than Rate D all year, except on really cold days when the temperature drops below −12ºC or −15ºC, depending on your area. Since this happens only a few days a year, your annual energy costs (electricity and fuel) are lower, making Rate DT the more economic choice.

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WaterSense® Labeled Water- and Energy-Saving Products Program

Good news! Hydro-Québec’s WaterSense® labeled water- and energy-saving products will be back in early May 2018.

For the sale of these products, Hydro-Québec has chosen Solutions Ecofitt, a Québec company that it selected according to very strict selection criteria. To contact Solutions Ecofitt, call 514 677-0099 or 1 855 882-0099 (toll-free).

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Past offers (discontinued)

ENERGY STAR® Certified Windows for Rental Properties Program

The ENERGY STAR® Certified Windows for Rental Properties Program ended on December 31, 2016.

Refrigerator replacement for low-income households

The Refrigerator Replacement for Low-Income Households program has ended.

For after-sales service, contact one of the two following retailers, depending on the make of your refrigerator.

Debsel (Frigidaire): 514 481-2804
Sears (Kenmore)


The RECYC-FRIGO service ended on December 31, 2014.