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Your account balance, payments, energy consumption, moving information…get it from your Customer Space anytime.

Electricity use

Take a step toward energy efficiency!

˲Consumption profile

Track your electricity use from month to month or year to year.

˲ Dare to Compare

Compare your energy use to that of similar households and find out how energy-efficient you are.

˲ Home Diagnostic

Get personalized tips on saving energy all year long.


Authorize someone to obtain information or act on your behalf.

˲ Consent to disclosure and proxy

Did you know?

Become a customer

You can apply for electricity service online.

Reading Your Bill

Your bill includes a table showing your average use (kWh) per day.

Comparing Two Bills

To really compare two bills, you need to look at the average amount of electricity consumed per day.

Electricity Prices

Quebeckers enjoy electricity
rates among the lowest in
North America.