By developing innovative battery and motor technology for electric vehicles as well as a charging network, and producing clean and renewable energy, Hydro-Québec is actively involved in transportation electrification. It is also involved in feasibility studies and pilot projects.

Owners of electric vehicles not only save money, but also contribute to reducing oil imports. For Hydro-Québec, promoting electric transportation supports decarbonization efforts in Québec.

Video: Revolutionizing the transportation of tomorrow – transportation electrification
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Hydro-Québec is making innovative strides in electric transportation by developing motors, battery materials and charging networks for electric vehicles. This ad is an invitation to take part in the electric revolution in the world of transportation.

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Driving electric in Québec: Feasible and economical!

One million electric cars = About 2% of Québec’s electricity consumption in 2015

In Québec, one million electric cars = Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 3.4 million tonnes per year.

Fifty percent of Montréal-region transit users already use electric transportation, thanks to the Metro and the Montréal–Deux-Montagnes commuter train.