Electric vehicle

Gas-powered vehicle

1 Select the electricity consumption per 100 km of the electric vehicle you are interested in.

2 Enter the fuel consumption of your current gas-powered car.


Price of electricity at rate DNote 1
0,1026 $/kWh

3 Select the price of gas.Note 2


4 Enter your annual kilometres travelled.

  1. Rate D – At home, the cost of one kilowatthour (kWh) varies according to total electricity consumption during a given billing period, which differs from customer to customer. There is one price for the first 33 kWh per day (first tier) and another price for the remainder of the consumption (second tier). Generally, the cost of charging an electric vehicle corresponds to the second tier. Taxes are added to the cost per kilowatthour. The estimated cost ($0.1026/kWh) is based on the second tier and includes taxes at the rate in effect on April 1, 2017.
  2. Average pump price for regular gas in Québec, taxes included, in February 2017. (Source: Régie de l’énergie)