What is personal information?

Personal information is information concerning a natural person that allows this person to be identified.

Your professional experience, your bank account numbers and your communication preferences are examples of personal information.

What does the Policy apply to?

The Policy determines how Hydro-Québec processes the personal information of its customers, of external candidates applying for employment on its website, and of any other person, no matter the medium selected (for example, paper documents, sound recordings and databases).

The Policy does not apply to personal information the law considers to be public.

In addition, the Policy does not apply to personal information belonging to members of the Hydro-Québec team, because other policies govern the protection of their personal information.

Our wholly owned subsidiaries adhere to privacies policies that regulate their respective activities.

Who is responsible for implementing the Policy?

Every member of the Hydro-Québec team is responsible for the implementation of the Policy. To this end, Hydro-Quebec has developed and deployed a training and awareness program throughout the organization to ensure that everyone has a thorough understanding of the Policy and can apply its principles when carrying out their functions.

We also ensure that suppliers with whom we share your personal information as part of our activities respect the Policy. Please refer to the Communicating information section to learn more about these measures.

How does Hydro-Québec fulfill its responsibilities concerning your personal information?

Protection of your privacy is of the utmost importance to Hydro-Québec. We adopt practices and implement measures daily to fulfill our responsibilities based on the privacy protection principles set out in the Policy.

 We have appointed a team of experts to design and manage Hydro-Québec’s privacy protection program and to advise the entire organization about privacy protection.

We have created a committee to ensure that the necessary protection measures are taken for every project where personal information is handled. This committee includes the persons in charge of access to documents and protection of personal information, the person responsible for document management and the person responsible for information security.

We have also taken steps to sensitize members of the Hydro-Québec team to their respective roles in the protection of your privacy. For example:

  • Hydro-Québec runs a yearly privacy awareness and training program.
  • A section of the organization’s Code of Conduct concerns responsible information management; managers must ensure that the Code is implemented, and members of the Hydro-Québec team are required to attend regular training sessions.

Lastly, we conduct a review of our privacy protection activities every year and publish the results in our annual Sustainability Report.

Do we update our Policy?

Yes, we review the Policy every year to ensure that it accurately describes our privacy protection practices. We also update the Policy following certain events, such as amendments to applicable legislation or changes in our activities.

We indicate changes to our Policy through visual elements on our website, and we summarize the changes as well as their implications.

Whom should you contact if you have questions about the Policy?

You can contact by email our access to information and privacy team.