Strategic partnerships for developing and commercializing innovations


Hydro-Québec’s research institute (IREQ) relies on open innovation. This provides motivation to carry out research projects in collaboration with major technological partners. We work with several such partners hailing from different sectors: manufacturers, IT technology companies, electric utilities, universities, government agencies and research centers in Québec and elsewhere.

Energy-innovation partnerships help us develop, industrialize and commercialize the technologies developed as part of our innovation projects.

We have opted for a “win-win” style of cooperation with key industry players to meet the following objectives:

  1. 01benefit from complementary expertise and new technologies
  2. 02pool R&D methods, risks and potential benefits
  3. 03design technological products that meet market needs
  4. 04benefit from a global sales and distribution network, as well as after-sales service
  5. 05enrich our energy-innovation strategy
  1. 06develop more robust solutions
  2. 07increase our execution capacity and reduce project cycle times by making use of supplementary and complementary expertise, as well as technologies currently available on the market
  3. 08reduce project costs
  4. 09assure solution longevity
  5. 10facilitate implementation of technological innovations at Hydro-Québec

When looking for partners in specific areas, we often issue calls for expressions of interest so that potential collaborators can let us know they are interested.

EOIs are published on the “Current tender calls” page.