Catalyst for Innovation and Collective Advances

The energy transition is well under way, with each one of us playing a vital role. More than ever, we are the catalysts behind the change, and this is what motivates us to constantly innovate in order to build a better Québec for everyone.

Technological Evolution

Innovative strength powering the energy transition

Hydro‑Québec relies on its world-renowned research facilities to promote synergy and remain at the leading edge of technology. Over 500 experts pool their expertise in support of the transition of every aspect of Québec’s energy mix, from electricity generation to consumption.

Contributing to technological evolution


Collaborative Energy

Stimulating innovation together

To stimulate innovation in the energy sector, Hydro-Québec has brought together key players who are already working on developing solutions to advance tomorrow’s society. Our collaborative energy helps transform ideas into sound innovations.

Relying on collaborative energy


Services and Solutions

Pathway to new solutions

Hydro-Québec’s research and development breakthroughs have led the way to innovative solutions that support the energy transition in both residential and business settings.

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What is the energy transition?

The energy transition is based on access to new sources of sustainable energy. By increasing renewable energy options, the Québec of the future can gradually let go of energy sources that rely on fossil fuels.

The energy transition also relies on changes in our collective behavior so we can eliminate energy overconsumption and waste.

These are some of the ways Hydro-Québec is already fully engaged in the energy transition:


Energy output, which is nearly 100% clean and renewable


Contribution to transportation electrification


Energy efficiency programs


Our vision of innovation

1 Transforming our economy to make it greener

2 Rethinking mobility to make it more sustainable

3 Reimagining how we use energy

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