Collaborative Energy


We believe that together, we will positively impact the future of society by developing solutions that seemed impossible just yesterday. Whether you’re a startup company, a teaching institution, a citizen or a well-established business, you can tap into this collaborative energy.

Our initiatives

InnovHQ: Preparing for Québec’s energy future

InnovHQ is a Hydro‑Québec subsidiary that offers charging solutions for electric vehicle fleets. The solutions are designed to simplify the installation and operation of charging infrastructure and to make it easier to manage energy consumption. InnovHQ also presents Hydro‑Québec’s Energy Innovation Award.

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Hydro-Québec’s Energy Innovation Award, presented by InnovHQ

To promote innovation in Québec, InnovHQ is presenting the Energy Innovation Award for Québec companies that have an innovative solution or technology with regard to energy efficiency or sustainable mobility. InnovHQ will provide finalists with personalized support to fund and market their project. They will also benefit from significant visibility both within Hydro-Québec and its subsidiaries and in Québec’s innovation ecosystem.

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Open Innovation Challenge: Greenhouses

InnovHQ and Cycle Momentum have launched a brand-new open innovation program. This initiative encourages the development and integration of technologies to optimize environmental and energy management. The program’s objective is to support the greenhouse sector and accelerate Québec’s evolution toward food self-sufficiency.

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Public engagement

Collective Energy: Where our collective dreams are taking shape

In spring 2021, we asked Quebecers to imagine Québec’s energy future with us. Collective Energy is an invitation to reflect together on three key areas linked to electrifying Québec: the green economy, sustainable mobility and responsible energy use. A total of 26,855 people participated in the consultation and more than 15,000 ideas emerged.

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Lac-Mégantic’s microgrid: An innovative project for an engaged community

In the wake of the 2013 rail disaster, the city of Lac-Mégantic looked to the future and chose to rebuild its downtown core by positioning itself as a leader in the energy transition in rural communities. Their outlook was in line with Hydro-Québec’s vision, and the very first microgrid in the province was created through close collaboration over the years.

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Collab Space

The Collab Space showcases initiatives that give voice to Quebecers who want to have their say in our reflections and projects. It currently includes the Hydro & Me Panel and the Hydro Lab. Other initiatives will soon be added.

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Collaborating with communities

Hydro‑Québec is committed to the community. The interests of the communities throughout Québec are a top priority for us. We carry out all of our projects in collaboration with the host communities and the stakeholders involved. Their ideas and interests are at the heart of our innovations. Looking resolutely toward the future, Hydro‑Québec aims for more collective and inclusive innovation to ensure a successful energy transition

Our Indigenous relations

Sustainability at the heart of our operations


More innovative initiatives

Technological evolution

World-renowned research centers powering the energy transition.

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Services and solutions

Our research and development breakthroughs lead to the creation of innovative solutions.

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