NERC Reliability Functional Model and functional entities in Québec (based on the 2016 model, currently under review)

Standards and Compliance

Function Name of functional entity Entity
Standards Developer Standards Development NERC, NPCC
Compliance Enforcement Authority (CEA) Compliance Enforcement NERC, NPCC, Régie
Reliability Assurer Reliability Assurance NPCC, NERC

Reliability Service

Function Name of functional entity Entity
Reliability Coordinator (RC) Operating Reliability DPCMEER
Transmission Service Provider (TSP) Transmission Service HQT and others
Planning Coordinator (PC) Planning Reliability HQT
Balancing Authority (BA) Balancing DPCMEER
Function Name of functional entity Entity
Market Operator Market Operations HQP and others

Planning and Operations

Function Name of functional entity Entity
Transmission Owner (TO) Transmission Ownership HQT and others
Transmission Operator (TOP) Transmission Operations DPCMEER
Transmission Planner (TP) Transmission Planning HQT
Resource Planner (RP) Resource Planning HQD
Generator Owner (GO) Generator Ownership HQP and others
Generator Operator (GOP) Generator Operations DPCMEER
Load-Serving Entity (LSE) Load-Serving HQD
Distribution Provider (DP) Distribution HQD and others


DPCMEER: Direction principale – Contrôle des mouvements d’énergie et exploitation du réseau [system control and operation]
HQD: Hydro-Québec Distribution
HQT: Hydro-Québec TransÉnergie
HQP: Hydro-Québec Production
NERC: North American Electric Reliability Corporation
NPCC: Northeast Power Coordinating Council
Others: Other entities subject to the reliability standards

In addition to providing the mechanisms that allow the power market to operate, the model defines the functions needed to ensure real-time generation/load balancing and Bulk Electric System reliability. The model is presented in detail in two NERC documents: Reliability Functional Model – Function Definitions and Functional Entities, Version 5 and Reliability Functional Model – Technical Document, Version 5.