Bulk Electric System (BES)

The Bulk Electric System is the reference system in the United States. Although there are some specific inclusions and exclusions, in general it comprises all transmission facilities operated at 100 kV or higher and all generation facilities that produce 75 MVA or more. In the United States, reliability standards apply to all BES facilities.

Bulk Power System (BPS)

In northeastern North America, the Bulk Power System designates “the interconnected electrical systems within northeastern North America comprising generation and transmission facilities on which faults or disturbances can have a significant adverse impact outside of the local area.” Since when taken individually, these elements could have an impact on the other Interconnections, they are by definition critical to reliability. In Québec, the BPS consists primarily of the 735-kV system.

Main Transmission System (RTP)

The Main Transmission System (RTP) comprises the elements of the Québec power system that must be subject to the reliability standards. A method specifies the criteria for the designation of RTP elements. In Québec, almost all reliability standards apply to this power system.

Relationship between the reference systems

Relationship between the reference systems: The Bulk Power System (BPS), as defined by the NPCC, is a subset of the Main Transmission System (RTP), as defined by the Reliability Coordinator for Québec, and the RTP is itself a subset of the Bulk Electric System (BES), as defined by NERC.