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The Collab Space showcases initiatives that give voice
to Quebecers who want to have their say in our reflections and projects.

Collective Energy

The genesis of our citizen-based approach

The broad consultation held in the spring of 2021 marked the start of a new form of dialogue between Hydro‑Québec and Quebecers. Thousands of people spoke up to us on energy issues that are important to them. The many ideas they shared will now guide the projects that we undertake. Together, let’s build an energy future that matches our ambitions.

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The Hydro & Me Panel

Your energy inspires us

Would you like to influence Hydro‑Québec’s decisions and projects? You can! The Hydro & Me Panel is a community of people we consult on a regular basis, usually through online questionnaires. Share your opinions and experiences on topics that matter to you and be among the first to access information on upcoming projects.

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Hydro Lab

Let’s turn ideas into action

The Hydro Lab is an open innovation laboratory where inventive ideas take root. In this co-creative space, members of the public and Hydro‑Québec employees come together to explore and test innovative solutions.

The initiative was launched at the end of 2021, and since then, three projects have taken shape. Their objective: to improve access to electric vehicle charging stations, encourage sustainable mobility among our employees and display estimated electricity use on real estate platforms.

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Upcoming initiatives

Other initiatives are coming to the Collab Space. Stay tuned!