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Hydro Lab

Innovating together

The Hydro Lab is an incubator of ideas where members of the public and employees come together to explore innovative solutions for addressing the challenges you care about.

Transforming ideas into action

The Hydro Lab was launched in October 2021 following the Collective Energy consultation. Quebecers shared their dreams for Québec’s energy future, and we are now looking for innovative ways to make them come true.

The Hydro Lab collaborators participate in co-creative workshops, collect data and perform small-scale tests on prototypes in order to identify the most promising potential solutions.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Hydro Lab?

The Hydro Lab is an open innovation laboratory where inventive ideas take root. It is a co-creative space designed to accelerate the company’s innovative projects and to find new ways of meeting the expectations of the public and of Hydro‑Québec employees.

The Hydro Lab is an incubator of ideas and the ideal place to test innovative, collaborative and iterative practices in order to apply original solutions to challenges.

What types of things are done in a Hydro Lab?

We carry out activities designed to help us discover what members of the public are most concerned about and to give them a voice. More specifically, we try to better understand their needs as well as the ecosystem in which they exist. We are then able to explore potential solutions and validate them on a small scale over a short period of time.

Who is involved with the Hydro Lab?

The lab is made up of a team of various internal and external Hydro‑Québec collaborators. The lab’s multidisciplinary team uses design thinking principles and explores a variety of solutions.

What are the project selection criteria?

We explore vague, hazy ideas without known solutions. Our objective is to understand the real needs of the public with regard to the ideas and to offer the best possible viable solution.

What areas do the Hydro Lab projects address?

The projects undertaken by the Lab aim to address issues related to the four main objectives of our strategic plan:

  1. Drive the efficient decarbonization of Québec.
  2. Prepare our grid for tomorrow’s energy and technology needs.
  3. Increase Québec’s collective prosperity.
  4. Engage our customers, employees and partners in the achievement of our goals.

What form do the Hydro Lab meetings take?

We use a co-creative approach made up of steps tailored to each project in order to foster the engagement of all participants. We’ve adapted our methods to work efficiently both virtually and in person.

Can I participate in a Hydro Lab consultation?

If you would like to have an impact on Hydro-Québec projects and express your opinion, sign up for the Hydro & Me Panel. It’s the ideal tool for making your voice heard. You can also communicate with the Hydro Lab to learn more.

Are you familiar with the Collab Space?

The Collab Space features several initiatives we designed to give Quebecers a voice.

Visit the Collab Space