Adamsville substation – September 2016

In May 2015, Hydro-Québec began construction of a new 120/25-kV substation on Boulevard de Montréal in Bromont. The substation will be connected to Cleveland substation, in Granby, by a new 120-kV double-circuit line that will be 8.3 km long. These additions to Hydro-Québec’s transmission network are intended to meet the region’s growing demands for electricity.

Since the line and the substation have been commissioned in september 2016, it is now possible to plan the dismantling of the current Bromont substation, located on Rue de Gaspé, along with the equipment at Cleveland substation. Many kilometers of the 49-kV line will aslo be dismantled.

Several overhead and underground additions and modifications [PDF 618 Kb] will be made to the distribution system to serve the region’s customers.


Construction of substation September 2016
Clearing of right-of-way October to December 2015
Construction of line November 2015 to October 2016
Commissioning of substation and line October 2016
Dismantling of 49-kV lines 2016 – 2018
Dismantling of Bromont substation and certain sections of Cleveland substation 2018

Description of the work stages

To learn more about the steps in building a power transmission line, visit the page Building a line. The stages are presented as they occur over time, even though some stages can occur simultaneously.