315/25‑kV Saint‑Jean Substation and 315‑kV Supply Line

The first Saint-Jean substation was commissioned in 1957, in Dollard‑des‑Ormeaux, at the intersection of boulevards Saint‑Jean and De Salaberry. It supplied electricity to part of the cities of Dollard-Des‑Ormeaux, Pointe-Claire, Kirkland and Beaconsfield, serving about 10,000 customers. Since the facility is over 50 years old, most of the substation’s 120/12‑kV equipment needed to be replaced.

Hydro-Québec rebuilt the 315/25‑kV substation to meet future growth in demand. The new substation, which is largely on the site of the original substation, is supplied by a new 315‑kV line from Sources substation, less than 3 km away. This line was built in a right-of-way where power lines were already located. This project is part of the transmission system modernization on the island of Montréal to help meet increasing demand and ensure the long-term operability of facilities.

Cooperation with the community

A working committee made up of representatives from Hydro-Québec and Dollard‑des‑Ormeaux was created, and met several times to discuss:

  • The configuration of the future substation
  • The type of tower used
  • Tower placement in order to minimize the impact on residents along the right-of-way
  • Planned landscaping in the right‑of‑way and around the substation

In 2018, Hydro‑Québec held an information session at the Dollard‑des‑Ormeaux Civic Centre to present the conclusions of the committee’s work. Between May 2017 and October 2018, 12 meetings were held, during which the project was improved to the satisfaction of all.

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Enhanced urban biodiversity, improved quality of life and active mobility were at the heart of the right-of-way development project.

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Project schedule

Spring 2018

Substation construction

Fall 2019

Line construction

Late 2020

Commissioning of the new facilities

Summer 2021

Right-of-way planting