In the context of its power generation and transmission projects, Hydro-Québec has carried out environmental impact studies for many years. The company has developed expertise in environmental matters that is now used in the design of new projects. Here are complete reports that provide a review of the knowledge acquired over the past 50 years with regard to the natural environment and the human environment. It also presents measures to mitigate environmental impacts.

Québec Hydropower Generation and the Environment – December 2020

With a long history of developing and operating hydropower infrastructure, Hydro-Quebec generates large volumes of low-carbon electricity to meet clean energy demand in Quebec and neighboring markets. Quebec hydropower has particular features that distinguish it favorably from other hydropower generation sources and its environmental performance is comparable to other renewable energy options. Thanks to the specific characteristics of the environment in which it develops its projects and its ever-evolving knowledge and expertise, Hydro-Quebec is in a position to deploy effective mitigation and compensation measures to reduce or manage the environmental and social impacts of its hydropower fleet.

Through this report, Hydro-Quebec provides factual evidence concerning Quebec hydropower, supported by science and resulting from rigorous environmental compliance monitoring programs conducted over the last few decades. The reader will also find the most up-to-date evidence relating to the effectiveness of the many mitigation measures Hydro-Quebec has put in place. The company has never published such a comprehensive review.

Summary of environmental knowledge of line and substation projects • 1973-2013

About the summary

In 2013, Hydro-Québec celebrated 40 years of environmental expertise in designing and operating its power transmission facilities. The Synthèse des connaissances environnementales pour les lignes et les postes • 1973-2013 is a summary of the environmental knowledge obtained by Hydro-Québec during four decades of line and substation projects. Divided into 19 themes, it covers almost all of the environmental studies carried out for these projects.

Front matter of the summary

This first document contains the front matter of the summary: quotation reference, foreword, preface, complete table of contents for the 19 thematic summaries, participants, introduction and the historical, technical and geographical background.

Download the front matter of the summary [PDF 2.4 Mb – in French only]

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  • Thème concernant les lignes
  • Thème concernant les postes
  • Thème concernant la conception
  • Thème concernant l'exploitation

Summary of Knowledge Acquired in Northern Environments from 1970 to 2000

The summary of knowledge acquired in northern environments is a review of the knowledge arising from studies carried out for the company's hydroelectric projects in northern Québec, and specifically north of the 48th parallel.

Two bibliographies are presented at the end of the report. The first contains the works cited in the main body of the text, in alphabetical order. The second lists, by field, over 150 scientific publications and papers presented at international events.

Summary of Knowledge Acquired in Northern Environments from 1970 to 2000 [PDF - 18.1 MB]
Summary of Knowledge Acquired in Northern Environments from 1970 to 2000 [PDF - 18.1 MB]