Video: The Benefits of Driving Electric

Good for the planet: no gasoline, no emissions.

Good for your wallet: electricity is less expensive than gasoline, car insurance is less costly, charging at home is inexpensive, maintenance is minimal, government incentives are available, and electric vehicles are granted free access to certain toll bridges, ferries and parking spaces.

Good for your peace of mind: electric vehicles run quietly and odor-free, hundreds of public charging stations are available in Québec, electric vehicles offer enough range for most trips, drivers receive a distinctive licence plate and are granted access to certain reserved lanes.

Video: The Joys of Driving Electric

  • Comfort: silent ride, no vibration, high-tech dashboard
  • Smoother and more powerful acceleration with no changing gears
  • Remarkable handling and stability thanks to a lower centre of gravity
  • Reduced maintenance: lower costs, no transmission, no oil changes, no spark plugs, no belts. No exhaust pipe or alternator.