Activities at Gentilly-2 are still subject to stringent environmental monitoring, a process that began when the generating station was first commissioned and will extend throughout the decommissioning phase.

Two environmental monitoring programs — one for radiological and the other for physicochemical substances — specify the type and frequency of the sampling to be carried out. The results are submitted to the relevant provincial and federal authorities and are also made public. In recent years, both programs have been reviewed in light of the ongoing work to decommission Gentilly-2.

Results of Gentilly-2 environmental monitoring program

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As part of Hydro-Québec’s environmental monitoring process, CNSC staff also conduct extensive compliance verification. This includes reviewing licensees’ environmental protection programs to ensure their appropriateness as well as regular inspections to verify whether these programs are being implemented accordingly.
Furthermore, the CNSC has launched an Independent Environmental Monitoring Program (IEMP) to oversee the safety of people and the environment around licensed nuclear facilities. The IEMP is separate from but complementary to the CNSC’s ongoing compliance verification program. In 2015, 2016 and 2018, IEMP analysts sampled in the areas immediately surrounding Gentilly-2. Results to date have confirmed that the public and the environment in the vicinity of the Gentilly-2 facility are safe and that there are no expected health impacts. These results align with Hydro-Québec’s findings, proving the effectiveness of the licensee environmental monitoring programs in safeguarding human and environmental health. All IEMP results, including those from Gentilly-2, are available on the CNSC website: