Hydro-Québec is very active in the field of electric motors through its subsidiary TM4, which develops, manufactures and markets powertrains designed for electric and hybrid buses and other heavy vehicles. Its product line also includes related power electronics and control systems. TM4’s advanced electric powertrain solutions are renowned for their reliability and performance.

More than 25 years of innovation

Our first breakthrough in the field of electric motors dates back to 1991, when Hydro-Québec’s research institute (IREQ) designed a propulsion system that made use of wheel motors. IREQ’s propulsion technologies were later taken up by TM4.

Patented technologies

Today, TM4 provides its customers with recognized expertise in the design of power electronics and ultrapowerful permanent magnet motors. TM4 holds patents on over a hundred innovations in this area.

A partnership approach

Since its foundation in 1998, TM4 has relied on a partnership approach allowing it to pool its strengths with those of its partners while sharing costs and risks. For instance, through Prestolite E-Propulsion Systems (PEPS), a joint venture it created in 2012 with Prestolite Electric Beijing, its sales are booming in Asia, which accounts for 95% of the global market for plug-in buses and other heavy vehicles.