Hydro-Québec partners and customers have access to the outstanding competencies of our research institute, IREQ, for their R&D projects. Because IREQ investigates all facets of electrical power, we can help you develop solutions that meet the particular needs of your infrastructure.

Highly specialized services

The IREQ labs are equipped to offer a full array of specialized services to support your researchers.

  • High-voltage test lab
  • Power system simulation lab
  • Mechanical and environmental test lab
  • Calibration and repair lab
  • Energy technology lab (LTE)

Partnership opportunities

IREQ works with innovators around the world. Pooling resources and sharing risks is a great way to speed up the development of expertise in priority areas:

  • Smart power grids
  • Aging of materials and asset sustainment
  • Efficient use of electricity
  • Renewables
  • Battery materials and electric transportation

Areas of expertise

IREQ brings together top-calibre research scientists in the following fields:

  • Electrical equipment
  • Materials science
  • Robotics and civil engineering
  • Mechanical engineering, metallurgy and hybrid wind-hydro systems
  • Measurement and information systems
  • Power grids and mathematics
  • Energy use