Credit: Société du parc industriel et portuaire de Bécancour

A major project for the region

Hydro‑Québec’s contribution to this major project is essentially aimed at meeting the growing demand for electricity in this sector and improving the reliability of the power system.

Hydro‑Québec is working in collaboration with various government departments and regional partners to optimize the rollout of its system in the Bécancour industrial park and port.

Bécancour 230/120‑kV substation

Project overview

The Bécancour industrial park and port includes several industrial sites as well as high-capacity port and rail facilities. Already supplied by the power system, this park was targeted by the Québec government to accommodate multiple plants connected to the battery industry.

To meet the increasing demand for electricity from businesses in the Bécancour industrial park and port, Hydro‑Québec is working to reinforce its 230‑kV transmission system located between Nicolet substation in Sainte-Eulalie and Bécancour substation in Bécancour.

The project has two components:

Line component:

  • Construction of less than 2 km of 230‑kV line southwest of Bécancour substation
  • Reorganization of the 230‑kV power system in the Saint-Grégoire sector, in Bécancour

Substation component:

  • Addition of a 120-25 kV transformer at the Cournoyer substation;
  • Addition and replacement equipment at Nicolet and Bécancour substations

Hydro‑Québec is also working on projects to connect industrial customers to the existing 230‑kV system. All of these connections, planned over short distances, will be carried out within the boundaries of the Bécancour industrial park and port.

Bécancour filière batterie

The City of Bécancour and the Société du parc industriel et portuaire de Bécancour have developed a website that identify at a glance all the services and projects related to the battery industry.

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