As soon as it begins a project, Hydro-Québec implements a public participation program to inform local stakeholders and take the host community’s concerns into account.

This approach aims to provide an understanding of the project, respond to stakeholders’ information needs and gather community concerns regarding the project.

A variety of means of communication are established with representatives from various levels of government, official community representatives, affected property owners, citizens, community organizations, contractors, suppliers and local media.

These discussions help determine line routes and substation locations. They also contribute to ensuring that projects meet the needs and expectations of the host community.

A public consultation process in many stages

The public participation process includes many steps and is adjusted based on the scales of the project and specific needs.

The objective is to maintain a dialogue with the publics interested in the project to integrate, as much as possible, their concerns throughout each step of the project.

Once the necessary government approvals are granted and construction has begun, Hydro-Québec continues to keep the public informed about the project. It remains attentive to the concerns of the affected publics and ensures that the impact of the work is kept to a minimum.