Action Plan 2035

Towards a decarbonized and prosperous Québec

The world is taking action and investing massively in the energy transition. With its clean energy and low rates, Québec is in an enviable position, but it must seize this opportunity to decarbonize and create wealth while ensuring that Quebecers’ needs are met. Hydro‑Québec’s Action Plan 2035 – Towards a Decarbonized and Prosperous Québec will make it possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, meet expected growth in electricity demand and offer customers a reliable, simple and affordable service.

Our plan proposes clear and ambitious initiatives that focus on five priorities to meet two challenges: the energy transition and the needs of our customers.

The Plan’s five priorities

  1. Increase our investments in the power grid to offer our customers reliable, high‑quality service at an affordable price.
  2. Innovate to encourage our customers to treat electricity as a valuable resource that should be used wisely.
  3. Identify and launch the best projects that will enable us to generate more electricity to support Québec’s ambitions and remain open to all options available to us.
  4. Work towards economic reconciliation with First Nations and Inuit, in collaboration with the Québec government.
  5. Transform our ways of doing things to better meet our customers’ needs and support Québec’s decarbonization and economic prosperity.