We work for and with our customers

Our customers are at the very heart of our priorities. To better meet their expectations, we strive unrelentingly to enhance our service, provide innovative solutions and improve our accessibility.

Bottom line: we’re there for you! You can reach us by phone, e-mail, through our website or via social media. Questions? Call or message us today!

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We work closely with communities

Each project undertaken by Hydro-Québec involves working closely with the host community and other stakeholders. The interests of communities across Québec are an ongoing concern. We offer services to elected officials, municipal employees and Indigenous communities.

We also work with groups representing local and regional communities, like municipal associations and economic, social or community organizations.

Lastly, over the years we have strengthened our ties with Indigenous communities. We forge mutually beneficial partnerships, drawing in particular on Indigenous knowledge of the local surroundings to conduct environmental inventories and develop mitigating measures.

We are committed to sustainable development

Our commitment to safeguarding and enhancing the natural environment goes back a long way . . . all the way to the 1970s, in fact.

Each project that we undertake is guided by the three pillars of sustainable development: profitability, environmental acceptability, and favourable reception by local communities. To achieve these ends, we work closely with municipalities, Indigenous communities and community partners.

Taking workplace health and safety to heart

Before beginning their day at work, our employees need to be in good health and confident they are in a safe and healthy work environment. It’s our priority. Day after day, we take concrete actions on our jobsites and across the organization to keep our employees safe.

We want to reflect the diversity of Québec

The face of Québec is changing. Our population is becoming more and more diverse. Inclusion and diversity are priorities for us in fostering an enriched work environment. Our aim is to bring together skilled people from all social groups.

We contribute to the community

Each year, we organize a major Québec-wide fundraiser to help those in need. Over the last 42 years, we’ve raised more than $130 million for the charity organization Centraide.

Our donations and sponsorships, in turn, help sustain a flourishing Québec culture, society and economy.

We also support youth employment through internships, jobs for students, and mentorship through the Academos platform.

Lastly, we’re constantly on the lookout for ways of making our corporate culture even more open and inclusive.

Innovation is in our DNA

The world-class Institut de recherche d’Hydro-Québec (IREQ) was launched in 1970. Its experts pool their efforts to develop cutting-edge technologies that help optimize the network and support energy efficiency: safer battery materials, energy storage solutions, and the LineScout robot that inspects and repairs high-voltage lines are but a few examples.

The IREQ is key to developing tomorrow’s technologies.

A history that embodies our values

Hydro-Québec’s history is a captivating epic: the story of a strong social contract that has endured since 1963 and benefits all Quebecers, who enjoy some of the lowest electricity rates in North America.

Our history encompasses colossal undertakings like building the Bersimis, Manic, La Grande and La Romaine complexes, Bernard-Landry and Sarcelle generating stations and the Rupert diversion, and erecting the world’s first 735-kV (735,000-volt) power lines.

But above all, it is the story of know-how acquired collectively, of renowned expertise, and of the dreams we have turned into reality.

The history of electricity in Québec

Vidéo : Get a sense of what drives us [In French only]

To help you understand the values underpinning our day-to-day actions, who better than a dozen Hydro-Québec employees working in different areas? (P.S. Thanks, team, for your testimonials!)