Electricity consumption on real estate platforms

Electricity consumption on real estate platforms

Status : In progress


Display electricity consumption estimates so people looking to purchase a property can make informed decisions.


The Hydro Lab is working on a pilot project that involves displaying home electricity use data on real estate platforms. The energy cost estimate would be more easily accessible and highlighted, enabling people who are thinking about purchasing a new home to make an informed decision.

This information would also be useful for people selling their home because improving their home’s energy efficiency would make it more attractive to future occupants.

Anticipated benefits

  • Enabling the energy use data of properties for sale to be compared
  • Making energy costs a home selection criterion
  • Encouraging sellers to renovate prior to putting their building on the market
  • Property sales strategies adapted based on energy data
  • Access to open data
  • Opportunity for real estate platforms to enhance their offer (customer support, tips, etc.)

Solutions explored

  • Access to open data on Hydro-Québec energy use through online real estate platforms
  • Energy consumption data displayed on a property sheet


Our thanks to all those who took part in this project.

Hydro-Québec teams:

  • Marketing and customer experience
  • Energy efficiency
  • Customer intelligence/analytics