Hydro-Québec wishes to carry out its projects in partnership with affected communities.

In addition, in order to develop and implement the best possible project, the company involves stakeholder groups from project announcement to the commissioning of equipment.

Before undertaking a generation (generating stations) or transmission (lines and substations) project, Hydro-Québec runs a public participation program that takes the host community’s concerns and expectations into account. This process helps ensure that projects blend in with their environment and enhances their acceptance by the community.

This approach aims to provide an understanding of the project, respond to stakeholders’ information needs and gather community concerns regarding the project. Hydro-Québec communicates with representatives of various levels of government, the official representatives of the communities, the property owners concerned, citizens, community organizations, contractors, suppliers and local media.

These consultations with stakeholders are helpful in determining the line variants that will have the least social, environmental, technological and economic impact. The discussions also mean that project development can respond better to host community needs and expectations.

General information

Hydro-Québec held a dozen meetings between November 2012 and March 2013 to present the project to the official representatives of the communities located in the study area.

Public consultation

In May and June 2013, Hydro-Québec held meetings with the various stakeholder groups affected by the project to present the line variant under study as well as obtain input from the host community and identify its concerns.

Three open-house type of activities were organized in mid-June to identify the concerns of citizens and answer their questions.

Over 20 meetings have been held.

Information on the solution selected

A dozen information meetings on the selected solution were held between August and October 2013, including an open house.

The results of the public participation process were presented at these meetings, including:

  • the project and the selected solution
  • the main concerns expressed, as well as Hydro-Québec’s answers and commitments

These activities also allowed Hydro-Québec to hear comments and concerns about the project.


Draft design
General information Fall and winter 2012–2013
Information on line variants Spring 2013
Information on solution selected Fall 2013
Permitting To be confirmed
Construction To be confirmed
Mise en service Commissioning