Hydro‑Québec is committed to working with the community throughout the project. The project team will maintain ongoing communication at each stage of the process.

These exchanges increase our knowledge of the community and territory and give us a better understanding of residents’ needs and concerns. Working together like this allows us to develop the most effective solutions.

Send us your questions and comments

Hydro-Québec wants your input regarding the Appalaches–Maine interconnection project. Our goal is to work in close collaboration with the community. Send us your questions and comments about the project.

For more information


Info project line: 1 855 845 7417

Colette Lettre Racine, Advisor – Community Relations


Info project line: 1 877 653 1139

Nadine Jeannotte, Advisor – Community Relations

Arboriginal communities

Patric Frigon, Advisor – Aboriginal Relations

514 289-2211, extension 8790