Hydro‑Québec has obtained all the necessary government approvals to begin construction of the Appalaches‑Maine interconnection line. After resuming land clearing and access road construction work in the summer of 2023, Hydro‑Québec is now undertaking the next steps in the construction of the line spanning some 100 km.

Steps in line construction

1. Access road development

Work may involve upgrading existing roads and building temporary ones, but always with a view to protecting sensitive environments. For existing roads, Hydro-Québec makes every effort to promote shared and safe use. On private lands, the company negotiates temporary access with the affected owners.

2. Land clearing

Land clearing consists in felling trees within the right-of-way of the future line and along temporary access roads outside the right-of-way. On private lands, clearing work may be done by contractors or the landowner, to whom the felled timber belongs.

3. Installation of tower foundations

This step involves excavation, filling and leveling. The foundations vary according to the type of tower and the nature of the soil.

4. Tower assembly and cable stringing

There are a number of operations in this step: assembling the towers on the ground and erecting them, and installing insulator strings, conductors and ground wires.

5. Site restoration

This final step involves cleaning up the worksites, leveling and reshaping the ground, filling ruts, seeding worksites around towers and restoring infrastructure (roads, bridges and culverts, fences, etc.). On private land, Hydro‑Québec conducts a site visit with the landowner to ensure that the restoration work meets their expectations.

Work schedule and jobsite surveillance

Work on the route’s southern section, on the border with Maine, is scheduled to start in January 2024. Work will then progress northwards to reach Appalaches substation, with a view to commissioning the line by late 2025. Hydro-Québec will supervise the jobsite in compliance with applicable technical, environmental and safety requirements. Specific measures to mitigate the impact of the work will be implemented for harmonious coexistence with land users.

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Works contractor

The line (northern and southern sections) will be built by the general contractor GLR inc.

Contact info:

Pierre-Olivier Roux, Project Manager
1095, rue Valets
L’Ancienne-Lorette (Québec) G2E 4M7
418 872‑7420

Planned line route (northern and southern sections)

Download the map of the planned line route [PDF 200 kB – in French only]

Exercise caution around the jobsite

An increase in traffic and the presence of trucks and heavy machinery are expected along the future line and around the substation. We will make every effort to avoid road closures, but if they are necessary, appropriate signage will be erected to ensure a safe environment for the public and for workers. In principle, work will be carried out from Monday to Friday between 7 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Hydro‑Québec wishes to thank those affected by the work for their understanding and urges them to exercise caution around the jobsite.

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