Discover electricity with characters from the popular kids’ TV series Ramdam and learn about the safe habits to adopt.

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Please note that this educational kit, designed for students in grades 5 and 6 (ages 10 to 12), cannot be ordered for day camps, childcare services, internships or home schooling.

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The teacher’s kit includes a folder, a DVD of the Ramdam episode “Rising Tension,” a CD with the document Electricity from the power station to the home, the teacher’s guide and a set of student workbooks (nos. 1 and 2).
teacher’s guide and a set of student workbooks

Each kit contains two workbooks (nos. 1 and 2) per student.
student kits

These are workbooks students can keep. If you’d like to repeat the activity next year, simply order activity books for your new class (marking “0” under “Number of teacher’s kits”).

Video format Ramdam episode “Rising Tension”