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Invite a guest speaker from Hydro-Québec!

Do you teach at a Québec university? Invite a Hydro-Québec guest speaker to meet your students. Our experts are available to give presentations and answer questions on a whole range of topics about energy, the environment and sustainable development.

These talks are available in person or online for educational institutions in Québec. They are also available online for educational institutions outside Québec.

Topics that can be addressed include:

  • Hydro‑Québec and the Environment: Approach, summary of activities, studies and follow‑ups
  • Assessing the social impacts of Hydro‑Québec projects
  • The Romaine hydroelectric complex and the environment
  • Comparing generating options through a life cycle approach
  • Reservoirs and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Environmental management at Hydro‑Québec (implementation of environmental management systems, environmental performance)
  • Issues related to at‑risk or invasive species
  • Biodiversity issues related to Hydro‑Québec activities
  • Comparative analysis of the life cycles of electric and conventional vehicles
  • Hydro‑Québec’s water management and instream flows: reconciling electricity generation, the protection of aquatic habitats and human uses
  • Impact assessment at Hydro‑Québec
  • The Eastmain‑Sarcelle‑Rupert complex and Rupert diversion
  • Archaeology

Each presentation is adapted according to the professor’s needs, students’ level of knowledge and program of study.

Useful information


Share our expertise in the environment and sustainable development with the next generation.

Pointing up our hydroelectricity.

Target audience

Young people attending college or university


45-90 minutes

Equipment needed

For in-person presentations, the institution must provide a computer, projector, speakers and a screen for showing a PowerPoint-type presentation and videos.

For online presentations, the technical details will be determined with the expert upon confirmation.