Introduce your three- to five-year-olds to electricity and safe practices. They’re not too young to learn about electricity! Check out our resources to help teach them about electric power and how to stay safe.

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Electricity for ages 3 to 5

This material has been designed specifically with the goal of introducing 3-5-year-olds to basic electrical concepts and safe habits.

Six stunningly illustrated posters depict situations in the lives of Luke and Lily: Luke and Lily in the kitchen, Lily’s bedroom, Luke in the bathroom, Luke and Lily in their backyard, Luke and Lily at the day-care center, and Luke and Lily go camping. Little ones will instantly identify with these two appealing characters and their surroundings. The posters can also support a range of fun and educational games and activities, like search-and-find, association games, riddles, storytelling and more.

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Electricity is an extraordinary source of power that poses no danger when correctly used. Teach your students about safe habits to adopt when in the presence of electricity.


A host of information on the amazing world of energy is right at your fingertips. To enhance your activity or simply find out more, take a look!

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Safety is everyone’s business

Avoiding electrical shocks and accidents is easy: you just need to know what to do. Take a few minutes to find out more and teach your students about safe habits to adopt when in the presence of electricity.

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