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Immerse your students in the fascinating world of electricity with free turnkey educational activities. You’ll find everything you need to teach science, geography and history.

Using Electricity Safely

Cycle 1

Three stories to help your students learn about electricity and its potential hazards.

Energy Express

Cycle 3

Follow the path of electricity from the generating station to your home and learn all about electrical safety.

The Eco-Energy Squad

Cycle 3

Explore energy and the environment and gain a better understanding of the issues related to energy consumption.

00Watt Toolkit

Cycle 3

Investigations, games and experiments that teach all about hydropower generation and help students gain a better understanding of how much electricity we use.

School tours

A visit to our generating stations, dams and interpretation centers is a great way to learn about Québec’s industrial history and heritage, demystify electrical energy—and witness hydropower generation in real time!

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Scientific features for curious kids!

Explore our features published in collaboration with the magazines Les Explorateurs, Les Débrouillards and Curium (in French only).

A great way to learn about a host of topics related to electricity!

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A host of information on the amazing world of energy is right at your fingertips. To enhance your activity or simply find out more, take a look!

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