Hydro-Québec has an immense range of activities to help you introduce concepts related to science, power consumption and safety to young children in ways they can easily grasp. From classroom activities to field trips, our educational resources are designed to stimulate young imaginations and intellects. Using our materials to teach your students about electricity is sure to be a winning approach!

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Energy Express

Featuring a new episode from the popular TV series Ramdam that’s been especially created for Hydro-Québec, this kit focuses on electrical safety. Its aim: make students think. The kit serves as the basis for a classroom discussion.

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The Eco-Energy Squad

Aimed at grades 5 and 6, the E2 Educational Kit is a fun-filled tool that helps kids understand the environmental issues related to power consumption.

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00Watt Toolkit

With Inspector 00Watt and his toolkit full of scientific investigations, games and experiments, show your students how they can become energy efficiency ambassadors. Spread over five weeks, this project helps students learn how hydroelectricity is generated, grasp the amount of energy we consume and discover how to avoid wasting resources.

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Why shouldn’t we waste electricity, even if it’s a renewable resource? Use these activities to get the idea across to your students in a way they can understand.

  • Educational kit 00Watt Toolkit
  • Energy efficiency digital games*
    *For an optimal gaming experience, use recent versions of browsers such as Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer. Avoid using the Chrome browser as it no longer supports games developed in HTML.

Volts, amperes, watts: are these all too technical for your students? Our resources help make basic electrical concepts easy to grasp. Making hydroelectricity generation accessible has never been easier!

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Electricity is an extraordinary source of power that poses no danger when correctly used. Teach your students about safe habits to adopt when in the presence of electricity.


A host of information on the amazing world of energy is right at your fingertips. To enhance your activity or simply find out more, take a look!

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Discover Baie-James in a 360° video!

Produced with 360° virtual reality technology, the video lets viewers soar over towers and transmission lines. Hold on tight!

3 minutes

The 360° video experience in the classroom

In just a few seconds, journey to the heart of the taiga and take your students on a virtual tour of the Robert-Bourassa facility, including the world’s largest underground hydropower generating station.

It’s an excellent way to discover the main structures that make up a hydropower facility.

Organize a field trip

Safety is everyone’s business

Avoiding electrical shocks and accidents is easy: you just need to know what to do. Take a few minutes to find out more and teach your students about safe habits to adopt when in the presence of electricity.

Visit our Safety advice website.

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