Designed specifically for grades 1 and 2, this program sets out to make youngsters aware of the nature of electricity and its potential hazards. The information is conveyed in three short stories where electricity plays a role. Each story is illustrated with eight colourful storyboards.

The teacher’s guide includes an annotated storybook. The student workbook uses the stories as the basis for its activities and can also serve as a colouring book.

Useful information


  • Introduce children to electricity.
  • Encourage children to adopt safe practices around electricity.

Kit contents

  • Three stories on safety and electricity
  • One activity book per student
  • Teacher’s Guide

Target audience

Elementary Cycle 1 students (ages 6 to 8)


Approximately 30 minutes per story




Subject-specific competency Progression of learning
Science and technology:

The material world

  • Common household products
  • Recognizing common products that pose a hazard (safety pictograms)
Broad area of learning Focus of development
Health and wellness:

Encourage students to take a thoughtful approach to developing good habits in terms of health, wellness, sexuality and safety.

  • Awareness of the effects of personal choices on health and wellness
  • Active lifestyle and safe conduct/li>
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  • We strongly encourage the sharing of materials within the same establishment.
  • Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

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