This material has been designed specifically with the goal of introducing 3-5-year-olds to basic electrical concepts and safe habits.

Six stunningly illustrated posters depict situations in the lives of Luke and Lily: Luke and Lily in the kitchen, Lily’s bedroom, Luke in the bathroom, Luke and Lily in their backyard, Luke and Lily at the day-care center, and Luke and Lily go camping. Little ones will instantly identify with these two appealing characters and their surroundings. The posters can also support a range of fun and educational games and activities, like search-and-find, association games, riddles, storytelling and more.

The kit includes instructions for use, definitions of basic electrical concepts, safety precautions to adopt and a dozen suggestions for kicking off interactive stories.

Useful information


  • Introduce children to electricity.
  • Encourage children to adopt safe practices around electricity.

Kit contents

  • Six multipurpose illustrated posters
  • An educators’ guide

Target audience

Preschoolers (ages 3 to 5)


30 to 45 minutes




Subject-specific competency Progression of learning
Science and technology:

The material world

  • Common household products
  • Recognizing common products that pose a hazard (safety pictograms)
Broad area of learning Focus of development
Health and wellness:

Encourage students to take a thoughtful approach to developing good habits in terms of health, wellness, sexuality and safety.

  • Awareness of the effects of personal choices on health and wellness
  • Active lifestyle and safe conduct/li>

Want to find out more on the topic? Consult our home safety tips and the dos and don’ts to avoid electric shocks.

  • Only orders from recognized daycare centres, kindergartens or early childhood centers in Québec will be processed.
  • We strongly encourage the sharing of materials within the same establishment.
  • Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

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