Aimed at grades 5 and 6, the E2 Educational Kit is a fun-filled tool that helps kids understand the environmental issues related to power consumption.

Students set off to discover energy and the environment in the company of two friendly cartoon characters, Elliott Evans and Emma Erwin.

Playing the part of cub reporters, students will conduct five investigations that explore the role of energy in our lives. Through the process, they’ll see how energy impacts the environment and understand the importance of saving resources. They’ll also see how electricity is generated around the world.

Useful information


  • Develop critical thinking skills regarding energy issues in Québec and worldwide.
  • Introduce students to different means of energy production.
  • Help students distinguish between renewable and non-renewable energy sources and understand how these impact the environment.
  • Raise awareness of responsible electricity consumption and its importance to sustainable development.

Kit contents

  • Storage case
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • A Reporter’s Notebook for students (additional copies can be ordered separately)
  • A Planet Express! newspaper for students (additional copies can be ordered separately)
  • DVD with videos introducing the investigations
  • Materials for each of the five investigations:
    • Eight game boards on energy sources including tokens, game pieces and dices
    • Quiz
    • Miming cards
    • Greenhouse Effect and Five Main Power Sources two-sided poster
    • And more!

Target audience

Elementary Cycle 3 (ages 10 to 12)


30 minutes to 2 hours per investigation




Subject-specific competency Progression of learning


Read a variety of texts

  • Integrates new information with what is already known to construct meaning
  • Constructs a personal response to the text [i.e. constructs meaning]


Write a variety texts

  • Use vocabulary and/or terminology related to energy
  • Write a report



  • Texts that seek to persuade peers to change their habits and/or actions and/or behaviours

Science and Technology

Material World [Energy]

  • Describes situations in which human beings consume energy

Science and Technology

Earth and Space [Energy]

  • Sources of energy
  • Transformation of energy
Broad area of learning Focus of development

Environmental awareness/consumer rights and responsibilities

Encourage students to create an active relationship with their surroundings while maintaining a critical stance regarding natural resource use, technological development and consumer goods.

  • Environmental awareness Building a livable environment from a sustainability perspective

A few interesting resources related to the kit!

Natural water cycle illustration

Like to know more about the topic? Our website is packed with information to help you better understand electricity. Here are some suggestions!

Consult the documents and videos you’ll need to complete the activities in the kit with your students.



Additional documents


Investigation 1

Investigation 2

Investigation 3

Investigation 4

Investigation 5

Students’ assessment sheets

Student's game sheets

  • Only orders from recognized elementary schools in Québec will be processed.
  • We strongly encourage the sharing of materials within the same establishment.
  • Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

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