Aimed at grades 3 and 4, this kit features two board games on the theme of electricity: Safety Sprint and Electrodash. The kit contains everything you need for a class of 24 students to play at the same time (six groups of four students).

Both games present surprising twists and challenging questions that students are sure to enjoy. A fun way to acquire basic electricity concepts and learn how to stay safe around electricity!

Useful information


  • Introduce students to electricity.
  • Teach them basic safety rules in a range of day-to-day situations.
  • Encourage them to adopt safe practices around electricity.

Kit contents

  • Game box
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Material for six teams:
    • Two-sided game boards
    • Rule books
    • Boxes containing games cards
    • Coloured game tokens and dices

Target audience

Elementary Cycle 2 students (ages 8 to 10)


15 to 25 minutes for Safety Sprint
20 to 45 minutes for Electrodash



Subject-specific competency Progression of learning


Read a variety of texts

  • Rules of the game
  • Construct meaning using the student’s knowledge and experience [related to the safe use of electricity in various situations]


Write a variety texts

  • Learn how to spell electricity-related words
  • Spell words, complete sentences with blanks, look for words in the same family, etc.

Science and Technology

Material World [Matter and Energy]

  • Recognizes commonly used products that are potentially dangerous [safety-related symbols]
  • Identifies sources of energy in his/her environment
  • Describes situations in which human beings consume energy
Broad area of learning Focus of development

Focus of development

Encourage students to take a thoughtful approach to developing good habits in terms of health, wellness, sexuality and safety.

  • Awareness of the effects of personal choices on health and wellness
  • Active lifestyle and safe conduct

Want to be prepared for when your kit arrives? Consult the Teacher’s Guide [PDF 0.99 MB].

Like to know more about the topic? Consult our website and our online references. Here are a few suggestions!

More interesting resources on electricity and safety!

  • Only orders from recognized elementary schools in Québec will be processed.
  • We strongly encourage the sharing of materials within the same establishment.
  • Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

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