Safety tips

The golden rule to avoiding danger? Stay away from electrical and hydropower facilities. Avoid accidents by paying attention to your surroundings.

What to do in a high-risk situation

Staying safe outside the house

Some 40% of power outages are caused by falling trees and branches. Surprised? See how to design and maintain outdoor areas to prevent accidents and outages.

Identifying hazards in the home

Were you aware that, each year, roughly 100 kids under the age of five are treated in the emergency room for electric shock? Learn about the basic safety precautions to take in your home to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Staying safe during outings

Electrical and hydropower facilities are part our environment, so being able to detect hazardous situations is essential. Keeping a safe distance from these facilities could quite simply save your life!

Stay clear: drowning hazard!

Even if the water looks calm, when the generating station is in operation there can be an undertow below the water that you can’t see. Keep away from hydropower facilities and pay attention to warning signs.

Duration: 51 seconds

Did you witness a hazardous situation near our facilities?

Help us prevent incidents: warn us of any potential danger.

If the situation calls for an emergency response (ambulance, fire or police services), call 911.

Report vegetation too close to power lines

Have you spotted a hazard, like a tree that’s fallen on a power line? Fill out the form to submit a request or find out what to do to deal with the situation.

Submit a request

Let us know about something out of the ordinary near a facility

Call us to report something out of the ordinary or someone in danger near a hydropower facility.

1 877 816‑1212

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Current and upcoming vegetation management operations

See where and when vegetation is due to be cleared from around the power lines in your area.

See the maps