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Home Diagnostic

This service is offered exclusively for service addresses billed at .

The only tool that makes a full diagnosis of your electricity use.

When you answer the questionnaire, you’ll obtain a free personalized energy evaluation of your home and recommendations on how to save energy.

Get the diagnostic  
  • + View breakdown of your energy costs by use
    • - Heating
    • - Lighting
    • - Hot water
    • - Household appliances
    • - Air-conditioning
    • - And more

    ˲Sample electricity cost breakdown
  • + Get recommendations on how to save
    Things to do, suggestions on purchases and retrofit tips
  • + Estimate potential savings
    For some recommendations, an estimate of potential savings year after year if you

    • – change certain habits or
    • – buy energy-efficient household appliances
    • You’ll even find out how long it will take to recoup your investment.
  • + Find out how just energy-efficient you are
    Compare your energy use to that of similar households and find out how to save energy.
  • + Simulate the impact of changes you might make
    Discover how purchasing decisions or changes in habits can reduce your energy consumption.

    ˲Example-Temperature change simulation

Frequently Asked Questions

You answer a series of 43 to 127 questions, depending on your situation. The questionnaire is very detailed to make the results as accurate as possible. It’s designed to cover all household uses of electricity, from home heating to filtering the swimming pool.

Your answers are processed by software that also takes into account your actual electricity consumption for the past year, then gives you a personalized report with recommendations on how to save energy.

Dare to Compare shows you at a glance whether you use more or less electricity than other households like yours. The Home Diagnostic provides a very detailed, personalized evaluation of your household energy use. Both services are free.

If you’re a residential customer* who pays Rate D or DT, you can do the Home Diagnostic, no matter whether you’re a homeowner or a tenant. You can analyze your principal residence, secondary residence or cottage. The rate you pay is indicated on your bill.

The following conditions must be met in order to produce a valid, useful analysis:

  • The electricity bill must be in your name, your contract must be current and you must live at that service address
  • You must pay Rate D or DT ;
  • Your consumption history has to comprise an analysis period of between 350 and 450 days;
  • The history has to comprise at least five billing periods with actual meter readings
  • No more than one bill can be based on an estimate (E)
  • If there is an estimate, it can’t be for the first or last period analyzed
  • Your building must be exclusively residential

* The Home Diagnostic service is not offered to customers in Schefferville because of the transitional rate or to customers in Nunavik because of major differences in the buildings there. Customers of municipal utilities cannot use the service because Hydro-Québec doesn’t have access to their electricity-use data.

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