Administrative charges

  • New file charge (new customer) $50
  • File administration charge (change to current customer’s account) $20
  • Charge for insufficient funds – Charges are also applied each time your cheque, online payment or preauthorized debit is refused by your financial institution $10
  • Administration charges
    If your payment is late, Hydro-Québec applies administration charges to the unpaid portion of your bill. These charges are calculated using the interest rate in effect on the due date, from that date until your payment is received.

Electricity supply charges

  • Establishing service (during regular hours) $361
  • Travel without establishing service $172
  • Disconnection
    • At delivery point $50
    • Other $361

Next-generation meters – Costs associated with opting out

  • Initial installation charge
    • Request submitted by the date on the installation notice $15
    • Request submitted after the date on the installation notice $85
  • Meter-reading charge $5 per month

Fee for connection to the Hydro-Québec system

If connecting your electrical installation entails extending or modifying the distribution system:

Electricity rates – 2017 Edition

The 2017 edition of the Electricity Rates presents the various applicable rates for residential, agricultural and business customers, as well as charges related to electricity service.

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New customer

Any person or corporation not responsible for an electrical service contract in Québec within the past 5 years is deemed to be a new customer.

During regular hours

If work has to be done outside Hydro-Québec’s regular business hours, you will be billed accordingly.