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Multiple account search tool

Search, select and view bills and accounts in just a few clicks!

The multiple account search tool was designed to make it easier for customers with at least 10 accounts who have signed up for Online Billing to manage their bills and accounts. It’s really easy to use and available anytime in your Customer Space.

For instance, you can use the tool to retrieve all bills issued in a given period with a single click, no matter which of your accounts they are linked to. Or you can find out which accounts are overdue, regardless of the bill.

Search bills in your Customer Space

  • +Use dropdown menus to search by date issued, due date or bill number
  • +Narrow the search by adding secondary criteria such as account number, amount billed and address
  • +Save time by reusing the criteria from your last search
  • +See account number, date issued, due date and amount due of each bill found
  • +Download selected bills as PDF or XML files

Search for accounts in your Customer Space

  • +Use dropdown menus to search by account number, balance, last payment date or billing address
  • +Narrow the search by adding secondary criteria
  • +See balance, overdue amount, if applicable, date of last bill, last payment date and amount of last installment of each account found
  • +Pay selected bills using the Online Payment service
  • +Click on an account to see detailed account information and history
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