Get a rebate on the purchase and installation of fans

Add some new high-efficiency fans to your equipment, or replace your current fans with high-efficiency models. Two types of fans are eligible for the rebate.

Product Type Purchase rebate
Tunnel fan (tunnel or longitudinal ventilation) – 36 to 51 inches $4/in.
Fans used for exhaust or side air – 8 to 36 inches $4/in.

The rebate claim must total at least $100.

Eligible products

The products must be new, purchased in Québec, and featured on the List of eligible fans [PDF – 14.2 Ko - in French only].


Quick and easy

  • Quick and easy rebate on purchase and installation
  • Faster payback

Very high efficiency

  • Energy savings of more than 20% over the life of the fan
  • Better, more consistent mechanical performance
  • Greater durability
  • Optimal year-round comfort

To find out how you can improve the comfort and health of your animals all while saving energy, see the Farm building ventilation brochure [PDF 1.26 Mb - in French only].

Take part in the program

Refer to the Rebate Guide to find out how to implement your project. In it, you will find information about the eligibility requirements and the procedure to submit a request. The Participant undertakes to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in force in Québec.

Rebate Guide [PDF 362 Kb - in French only]

Documents and Tools

Note: Distributors, master electricians and manufacturers can no longer register themselves or their products under the Program.


In order to receive a rebate under the Fan Component of the Efficient Farming Products Program, you must submit your claim and include proofs of purchase and installation after the products have been installed no later than six months after the date of purchase. No request received after this period will be accepted. The rebate claim must total at least $100. The steps to follow are detailed in the Rebate Guide.

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