Contributing to sustainable development and the optimization of energy resources has never been easier.

Get financial assistance to implement one of the many predefined energy efficiency measures under the Simplified Option.

Whether for a construction, renovation or retrofit project, you can lower your operating costs and make recurring energy savings!

The measures you want to implement are not eligible for the Simplified Option?

Our Customized Option may be perfect for you!

Get financial assistance as well as general or technical support throughout your project in order to implement innovative energy efficiency measures under the Customized Option. Contact us to discuss your project.

More than 200 eligible measures!

Here are just a few:

Measures for commercial and institutional buildings

  • Thermal envelope improvements
  • Installation of roof units with heat pumps
  • Geothermal systems
  • Heat recovery systems (for drain water, air and pool areas)
  • Installation of heat pumps
  • Aerothermal systems
  • Installation of variable-frequency drives (VFDs) (range hood, HVAC system)
  • Use of efficient cooling systems and air conditioners
  • Refrigeration of food for grocery stores (CO2, ammonia, HFC)
  • Refrigeration of ice rinks in arenas and for curling (CO2, ammonia, HFC)
  • Use of efficient ski hill snow cannons

Measures for industrial buildings

  • Compressed air
    • Use of efficient compressors with VFD, desiccant air dryers, storage
    • Up to 200 HP
  • Electrotechnologies for industrial processes (e.g., induction heating)
    • Up to 150 kW
  • Installation of variable-frequency drives (VFDs) for pumping processes
    • Up to 500 HP
  • Cooling methods
    • Cooling systems
      • Water chillers up to 1500 tonnes
      • Air coolers up to 150 tonnes
    • Use of volumetric and centrifugal chillers, with or without VFD

Measures for commercial, institutional and industrial customers

  • LED lighting
    • Use of lighting fixtures and DLC Premium lighting fixtures
    • Use of retrofit kits and lamps (pin-based bulbs and mogul base bulbs)
    • Adaptive control
    • Horticultural lighting (photosynthesis)
  • Solar energy (preheating air and water)

Quickly calculate the financial assistance to which you are entitled

Calculate the amount to which you may be entitled in just a few steps. Once the measures are in place, you will just have to send us your application to receive your financial assistance.

Calculate my financial assistance [EXE 11.4 Mb - in French only]

Improve your competitive advantage by becoming project aggregator

Whether you are equipment distributors, consulting engineers or part of a group of customers, you can become the aggregator and represent them by submitting their projects under the Efficient Solutions Program.

Your role will involve:

  • combining projects from one or several customers involving more than one building
  • submitting a single application to Hydro-Québec as part of a single integrated project by using the OSE calculation tool [in French only]
  • communicating with Hydro-Québec throughout the project.

As the aggregator, you will receive the financial assistance. You will need to inform your customers of your role as well as the program requirements by sending them the Notice of participation in the Efficient Solutions Program [DOCX 33 Kb - in French only].

Take part in the program

Refer to the Participant’s Guide to find out how to implement your project. In it, you will find information about the eligibility requirements and the steps involved.

Participant’s Guide [PDF 1.09 Mb - in French only]


The measures you want to implement must be among the predefined measures. For more information about which measures are eligible, use the outil OSE [EXE 11.4 Mb - in French only] designed for the Efficient Solutions Program.

You will find detailed information in the Participant's Guide [PDF 1.09 Mb - in French only] and under the OSE online assistance tab.

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The measures you intend to implement are not eligible? Contact us to discuss your project.

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