Installation of:

  • 100 wall-mounted heat pumps for the 100 units in a condo tower measuring 10,000 m2
  • LED fixtures featured on the DLC Premium list in common areas (such as hallways)
  • Gray-water heat recovery

Area of activity

  • Multiunit dwelling (condos)

financial assistance $46,990

Project details

Measures implemented Financial assistance
Installation of 100 wall-mounted heat pumps (support of $394/unit) $39,400
Installation of 20 gray-water heat recovery systems (support of $250/per unit) $5,000
Installation of 85 low-bay LED fixtures featured on the DLC Premium list (assistance up to $30.50/fixture) $2,590
Total $46,990*
*Figures are rounded.

Benefits of measure and Program

  • Heat pumps:
    • Air-conditioning in summer to increase occupant comfort
    • Extraction of heat from outdoor air and transfer to indoors for heating in winter
  • Heat recovery systems:
    • Reduced electricity use for domestic heating and hot water
  • LED light fixtures:
    • Guaranteed energy efficiency of LED fixtures qualified by DesignLights Consortium
    • Up to 80% less electricity used for lighting
  • Easy to estimate financial assistance with the OSE tool [EXE 11.4 MB – in French only]

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Transcription de la vidéo Outil OSE

Transcript of the video (In French only) Outil OSE

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For more information on the terms and application process: Participant's Guide [PDF 1.09 MB – in French only]

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