Project description

A supermarket parent company decides to implement various energy efficiency measures at four of its Québec franchises, which will be tailored to each building.

The project aggregator is responsible for:

  • installing Premium LED lighting products
  • installing CO2, compressors with 20-t and 80-t loads
  • installing heat recovery systems for the compressors

financial assistance $96,025

Benefits of being a project aggregator

By acting as project aggregator, the parent company can combine all its franchisees’ projects into a single project. This enables the franchiser to position itself favorably as a change agent in energy efficiency.

Areas of activity

Supermarkets (such as Metro, IGA or Loblaw)

Project details

Measures implemented on project Franchise 1 Franchise 2 Franchise 3 Franchise 4
Premium LED lighting (high-bay fixtures)* Yes
CO2 compressor – 20-t load under low temperatures Yes
CO2 compressor – 80-t load under average temperatures Yes
Compressor heat recovery system Yes
Financial assistance** $53,340 $18,285 $21,780 $2,620
Total financial assistance for the project $96,025
*You’ll receive an extra 30% when you install occupancy sensors.
**Figures are rounded.

Hydro-Québec will provide $96,025 in financial assistance to the parent company.

Benefits of measures and program

  • LED light fixtures
    • Guaranteed energy efficiency of LED fixtures qualified by DesignLights Consortium
    • Up to 80% less electricity used for lighting
    • Major reduction in maintenance costs related to lighting thanks to longer service life of LED fixtures
    • Better lighting quality and look of rooms (lighting color, uniformity and level)
  • Compressors with heat recovery
    • Reduced electricity use
    • The heat recovered can heat large amounts of water and meet most space heating needs
    • Natural cooling
  • Easy to estimate financial assistance with the OSE tool [EXE 11.4 MB - in French only].

Do the math

Check whether your project is among the eligible measures under the Simplified Option and calculate the amount you may be entitled to in just a few steps.

Simple and easy!

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Download the
OSE tool
[EXE 11.4 MB
– in French only]

*The OSE tool is available only for Windows.

Video: OSE tool

Duration: 2 minutes 26 seconds

Transcription de la vidéo Outil OSE

Transcript of the video (In French only) Outil OSE

(In French only)

For more information on the terms and application process: Participant's Guide [PDF 1.09 MB – in French only]

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