Visilec gives you access to a secure, customized online environment where you can see:

  • Previous consumption data recorded by your communicating meter(s)
  • A graph of your load profile for one or more service contracts
  • Your electricity costs since the start of the current consumption period as well as for earlier consumption periods
  • Your daily electricity costs for days during the current consumption period as well as for earlier consumption periods

Visilec: Main terms of service

  • The Visilec service is available to any customer with a Rate M service contract and a communicating meter.
  • You can withdraw from the service at any time by giving 30 days’ notice.
  • There is a monthly charge of $89 per meter, which is added to your monthly Hydro-Québec bill.
  • The Visilec service is provided under the terms of the agreement.
  • Clean Power Market Inc. (based in the United States) hosts the Visilec service and does the data processing.
  • All the terms and conditions can be found in the Visilec service agreement you signed when you registered.

Data security

Hydro-Québec and Clean Power Market Inc. have taken steps to protect all meter data.

It is up to you to safeguard your access code and password. To enable other individuals to use your Visilec service, you must provide written authorization to Hydro-Québec.


To log into Visilec, you need to have certain Web browser functions enabled (they usually are, by default).

  • Forgot your access code or password?
    Fill in this form to get assistance
  • Java environment
    To access full Visilec functionality, you need to have Sun Microsystem’s Java plugin installed and enabled. Download Java
  • JavaScript
    The JavaScript language must be enabled.


For more information or to get assistance, contact us at 514 879-4841 or 1 866 289-3618. A representative will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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