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 Rates for Business Customers  

Additional Electricity Option for medium–power customers

Under this rate option, during Hydro-Québec’s off-peak hours, you can use electricity beyond your normal consumption at Rate M or G-9 to fill a short-term order or meet an exceptional need. More specifically, it’ is designed for medium-power customers who are able to adjust their production and to manage their electricity consumption in such a way as to reap the benefits of the Additional Electricity Option while working with the associated constraints.

This option applies to a Rate M or G-9 contract whose maximum power demand has been at least 1,000 kilowatts (kW) during a consumption period included in the 12 consecutive monthly periods preceding the date of the sign-up request.


The price applicable to additional electricity, which covers both power and energy, varies month to month and is based on Hydro-Québec Distribution’s marginal supply costs.
It cannot be lower than 5.53¢ per kilowatthour.

Depending on load management requirements and power system availability, Hydro-Québec reserves the right to prohibit consumption of additional electricity on two hours’ notice.

Hydro-Québec will notify you of the price of additional electricity seven business days before the beginning of each calendar month. This price will remain fixed for the entire monthly period.

Calculation of billing amount

Energy billed as additional electricity is calculated in 15-minute blocks.

  • Consumption that exceeds the is billed at the applicable price for additional electricity.
  • The and corresponding energy are billed at the prices and conditions in effect for Rate M or G-9.

How to sign up for this rate option

You must submit a written request to Hydro-Québec at least 15 business days before the start of the consumption period for which you would like to avail yourself of the option.

Subject to installation of the appropriate metering equipment, agreement on the reference power and Hydro-Québec’s written approval, the option takes effect at the beginning of the consumption period following the period during which Hydro-Québec receives your written request.

Thereafter, you must submit a written request to Hydro-Québec at least five business days before the start of the consumption period to which you would like the option to apply.