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Equipment testing by medium-power customers

Rate conditions for equipment testing

If you have to run short tests after adding new equipment or modifying or optimizing existing equipment, your power demand may rise temporarily, pushing up the cost of the kilowatthours you consume.

Potential savings

The Rate M and Rate G-9 Equipment Testing Option allows you to test equipment without being billed for the excess power used during the test period(s).

Flexible conditions of application

To take advantage of this option, you must advise Hydro-Québec before the first consumption period during which you plan to run the tests. You’ll have to submit information about the nature of the new equipment, modifications or optimization work, as well as the power rating of the equipment to be tested.

The Equipment Testing Option can apply for one to three consumption periods.

Calculation of billing amount

For each consumption period when tests are run, Rate M or Rate G-9 (as the case may be) applies to the highest billing demand during the last 12 consumption periods as well as to the energy consumed during the period in question.

In addition, an amount of 10¢ per kilowatthour is applied to the difference, if positive, between the energy consumed during the consumption period in which tests are run and the energy consumed during the period with the highest billing demand as specified above.

For more information

Are you a Rate M or G-9 customer? Get in touch with your designated representative ( or 1 800 463-9900) for more information.

You can also consult the Electricity Rates to find out more about Hydro-Québec's rates and rate options.