Featuring a new episode from the popular TV series Ramdam that’s been especially created for Hydro-Québec, this kit focuses on electrical safety. Its aim: make students think. The kit serves as the basis for a classroom discussion.

The kit also contains two lavishly illustrated student workbooks packed with concepts, games, puzzles and information on a variety of topics related to electricity.


  • Energy sources
  • Producing electricity
  • Electricity at home and its applications
  • Indoor and outdoor plug-in appliances
  • Hazardous situations
  • Safety precautions
  • A variety of games related to electricity

Useful information


Encourage students to:

  • understand how electricity gets from the power station to the home
  • recognize different energy sources
  • recognize different hazardous situations

Promote safe practices around electricity

Kit contents

  • Pouch
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Two workbooks for student (nos. 1 and 2) (additional copies can be ordered separately)
  • DVD of the Ramdam episode entitled “La tension monte”
  • CD containing the document Electricity from the power station to the home

Target audience

Elementary Cycle 3 (ages 10 to 12)


Approximately 20 minutes to watch the episode
15 to 30 minutes per activity/game




Subject-specific competency Progression of learning


Read a variety of texts

  • Construct meaning using the student’s knowledge and experience [related to the safe use of electricity in various situations]


Read a variety of texts

  • Learn how to spell electricity-related words

Science and Technology

Earth and Space [Energy]

  • Sources of energy
  • Transformation of energy
Broad area of learning Focus of development

Health and wellness

Encourage students to take a thoughtful approach to developing good habits in terms of health, wellness, sexuality and safety.

  • Awareness of the effects of personal choices on health and wellness
  • Active lifestyle and safe conduct
  • Only orders from recognized elementary schools in Québec will be processed.
  • We strongly encourage the sharing of materials within the same establishment.
  • Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

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